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No one is exempt from contractor wage laws!

No one is exempt from contractor wage laws!

Every contractor is entitled to receive fair payment for their hard work and planning.  When starting a new project for a potential client, it isn’t uncommon to run into problems when negotiating payment.  That is why it’s important to establish a clear line of communication and draft up a contract that both parties can agree to.

Recently, Hollywood Actress, Jennifer Aniston, was sued by flooring contractors for trying to bail on her payments.  According to sources, the lawsuit was filed after Aniston refused to pay $43,710 dollars to the company who completed work on her newly renovated Bel-Air home.  After laying the cement for her deck and stairs, the contracting company claims that Aniston cut off all ties with the company and not one payment was made throughout the process.

The contracting company has stated that it was responsible for supplying materials, labor, and cabinetry.  They also laid down some cement in her basement in the home which she shares with fiancée Justin Theroux.  According to documents available, the contractors furnished the deck 3 separate times, which Aniston paid for in full.  Their last attempt was a 2,000 square foot deck which was never accounted for financially.  This was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The contracting corp. decided to hire lawyers and sue Aniston for breach of contract, breach of oral contract, and for other causes of action in their lawsuit, which was filed on August 13th in the California court systems.  This goes to show you that no one is exempt from contractor wage laws and each and every organization involved with home renovation can, and will pursue legal actions if they fail to receive just compensation.  If at any time you feel as though you have fallen victim to violations in contract give our insurance specialists a call.  There are policies which help protect you from situations such as these.

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