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Recently, the USA business Insurance has announced plans to allow flooring contractor’s general liability insurance.  This will allow contractors to have specific coverage for a number circumstances.  This new form of insurance will be available for independent contractors as well as individuals including, but not limited to the following professionals:

  • Carpenters
  • Hardwood flooring installers
  • Tile installers
  • Vinyl installers
  • Anyone who installs resilient flooring

The moment when flooring is put down, either in a home or on a job site, is a beautiful moment – indicative of a soon to be completion of work.  Both homeowners and workers love to be present during the process, which also makes it dangerous and risky.  While flooring contractors are often against the homeowner being on site, they are the ones cutting the check, and in the end have a right to oversee operations.  Flooring Contractor General Liability protects the policy holder form having to pay legal fees in the event of an accident.  There have been many exclusions removed to provide a broader coverage for the owner.  This can save the contractor from lost wages and capital in the event that they are required to pay medical bills for someone who filed a claim against them.

New coverage options not only protect the flooring contractor but also protects them in the future.  This “completed operations coverage” will cover you in the event that the customer complains of faulty installation years down the road.  They might trip over a panel that comes up and blame the contractor.  Your Liability insurance will then cover your business in the event that they claim is filed and their case is won.  Additionally, those who are on work-sites, visiting showrooms, or overseeing the operation can complain of injury due to a slip or fall.  Your comprehensive liability insurance will eliminate the possibility of your business failing due to a lawsuit.

Don’t get stick with the bill.  Contact our team of insurance agents today and protect the business you worked so hard to build.  Find out more about Flooring Contractor Insurance today.

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