Manasquan Inlet Coast Guard
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The New Jersey coastline has experienced its’ fair share of mishaps and crises. There have been superstorms, hurricanes, rip currents, shark attacks and even the Jersey Shore. And, no matter what happens, you can count on the New Jersey Coast Guard to get you out of a sticky situation. During Hurricane Sandy the Coast Guard kept our coastal waters safe at great personal expense though they suffered some losses of their own. The station at Manasquan Inlet was one of those losses as three of the station’s buildings were flooded causing $2.1 million in damage and effectively destroying a local historical landmark. After two years of deliberation the federal government has announced plans to rebuild and enhance the facility in order to protect it from future storms.

The New Jersey Coast Guard responds to about 600 search-and-rescue cases per year. That’s a lot of people to save. And when there are just 8 Coast Guard stations along on the New Jersey coast line and are staffed by approximately 35 people, that’s a little over 2 cases a year that each person participates in (and probably many more people that they save). That’s part of the reason why the federal government has decided to invest $14 million into improving the Coast Guard Station at Manasquan Inlet.

Funding for the project will come from the $60 billion Disaster Relief Act which sets aside money for those federal agencies affected by natural disasters. With that money the Coast Guard will erect a 19,100 square foot building that will take the place of those buildings damaged by the storm. The one building that will not be torn down is the historic station building, built in 1936, which serves as a regional landmark. Officials believe that the project could be approved as early as August with construction expected to take anywhere between 18 and 24 months.

Rebuilding and renovating the station at Manasquan Inlet has been a project long in the works. The new developments should provide  a more secure, more reliable site for the Coast Guard to operate out of which will make for a safer coast line. Enjoy the summer!