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Since fall is one of the most frantic times for licensed contractors, it pays to prepare for the season in advance. Whether your file cabinet is a mess or your business plan needs updating, getting your company’s house in order today will make your life much easier tomorrow.

5 Tips to help Licensed Contractors get Ahead

licensed contractor

1)      Create a Fall Calendar

Even though licensed contractors may not work in a traditional office, organization is still crucial to success. It helps you meet deadlines, schedule meetings and fulfill other important job responsibilities.

One way to keep organized is to create a calendar of all your expected tasks for the fall season. This time management tool helps you prioritize what items to work on and when to do them.

2)      Review Customer Service Policies

Customer service tends to be a weak point for many general contractors and subcontractors. However, this is an area that can be easily improved.

If you have some end of summer down-time, review and update your customer service policies to help enhance the customer experience. You can better train your employees by trying to pretending to be a client and walk through the interaction from greeting to goodbye.

3)      Update your Online Presence

Today, your online presence is often a potential customer’s first impression of your business. Whether it’s an outdated website or a non-existent social media strategy, digital shortcomings can now cost you business prospects.

Even though you work in the skilled trades, it is still helpful for your business to be active on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. These platforms are a great place to post important business updates and interact with your target audience.

licensed contractor

4)      Train Employees

Sometimes, licensed contractors are so swamped that they don’t have the opportunity to fully train new hires. If business is slower right now, direct some of your resources into training your employees. A few instructions in something simple, like the correct way to unclog a sink, could make all the difference.

5)      Update your Business Plan

The changing of seasons is a good time to examine where your business is at, where it is going and how it will get there. After some analysis of your current problems and opportunities, you may realize your business plan could use an update sooner rather than later.

Before the fall season kicks into high gear, try practicing these five tips to increase your business’ efficiency.

licensed contractor