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If you haven’t noticed the sudden increase in soccer coverage on Sports Center then we urge you to turn your TV to ESPN for a few minutes at noon, 3PM and 6PM. This World Cup has been one of the best in history, with goals in abundance and enough drama to satisfy even the most diehard Days of Our Lives fan we just can’t get enough soccer. And, with the U.S. Men’s National Team valiant effort against Ghana and heart-breaking draw to Portugal it’s hard not to get drawn into the tournament (come on, it’s America!). Many wondered whether the U.S. would be able to be competitive in this World Cup, especially after losing star forward Jozy Altidore early on in the Ghana match, and they have answered with a resounding yes. A big part of their success has come from inspired performances by Jermaine Jones and Clint Dempsey but a greater part of that has come from manager Jurgen Klinsmann’s to adapt his tactics to put his players in the best position. Klinsmann has done a terrific job, thus far, navigating potentially hazardous situations. Listed below are some reasons why we believe having someone who knows how to get you out of adversity and into an advantageous position is priceless whether you’re in the World Cup or if you’re a general contractor.

(1)   Your star player goes down. What to do next?

Despite Luis Suarez’s antics (see the Bite Seen Round the World) he has been Uruguay’s shining glory since the tournament began two weeks ago. But without the help of his physiotherapist Walter Ferreira, Suarez would have been watching the World Cup from his couch and Uruguay would be in quite a precarious position.

The same concept applies to you when one of your prized employee’s gets injured on the job, especially if you work for a small firm. Workers compensation insurance will provide coverage for that injured or sick employee and get them back on the job as quick as possible. The policy covers certain medical and rehab costs as well as lost wages for the employee. It will also save you from future litigation should you not provide workers comp. This insurance package is designed to get your employee back on the job so you can get your team performing to the best of their ability.


(2)   The game is in stoppage time and you’re up by one. Do you bring on another defender?

In the 90th minute of the U.S. vs. Portugal game Jurgen Klinnsman brought on central defender Omar Gonzalez for winger Graham Zusi, which would give the US an additional defender going into the closing stages of the game. While it may not have panned out for the U.S. the tactic is fairly common practice. Having more defenders than your opposition has attackers can provide you with a bit of an insurance policy.

General liability insurance works just like adding an extra defender to your company (and we’d argue it has a higher success rate than Klinsmann’s addition of Gonzalez). The policy protects you and your employees from third party claims of injury, and property damage as well as other accidents that you may not be responsible for.

If you work as a general contractor, or have your own business, we would encourage you to think about acquiring both policies if you do not have them already because while they may be optional in soccer, many states require that you have workers comp and general liability insurance if you’re working within their borders. We hope this helped to clarify the difference between workers comp and general liability insurance and we hope you enjoy the rest of this world cup. If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-649-9094 and, as always, go America!