integrated project delivery
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Integrated project delivery (IPD)involves using a team-based approach to align the interests and objectives of all stakeholders in a project. Bringing everyone together and encouraging them to work collaboratively on the project can dramatically improve outcomes, as it reduces the potential for misunderstandings.

Integrated Project Delivery Is Transforming The Construction Industry

IPD is said to be transforming the construction industry. Many contractors are adopting IPD as a way of reducing the risks they face in a traditional model of project delivery. IPD involves the owner, architect, engineers, contractor and subcontractors working together throughout the design and construction phases of the project, which gives everyone the opportunity to contribute their knowledge and skills.

Advantages of IPD

  • Increased transparency. When all team members meet regularly to share their ideas and experiences, everyone is kept up to date with the state of the project. That means no surprise costs or unexpected delays.
  • Time savings. Taking an integrated approach can speed up project delivery. Better communication can cut down on the amount of time wasted, allowing teams to deliver projects on time.
  • Shared accountability. IPD spreads responsibility for the project across all team members, whereas traditional models can force contractors and subcontractors to take on a lot of risk.

integrated project delivery

Disadvantages of IPD

  • Trust isn’t automatic. Using IPD won’t automatically make team members trust each other. You still need to work on developing good relationships between contractors, owners, architects and engineers. Otherwise, you may find your project slipping back into traditional methods of project delivery.
  • Not everyone is familiar with IPD. Some project owners find it difficult to secure financing for IPD projects, as lenders aren’t always familiar with this new approach. Some designers and contractors may also be unfamiliar with integrated project delivery and refuse to participate in this kind of method.


Integrated project delivery has many benefits for the construction industry. When using this kind of project delivery model, it’s important to ensure that everyone is on board with the principles of IPD. Bringing everyone together to work on a project can save time and money, improve communication and produce better overall outcomes.

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