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As an artisan contractor your life is a little different from that of your average contractor. Your work is often more specialized, requires more intensive training and your day to day activities may be a little unique. And all of that unpredictability may make you uncomfortable. It also may make you believe that your insurance requirements will be complicated and expensive as a result of your occupation. We are here to tell you that that assertion, by no fault of your own, is inaccurate.

Your basic insurance requirements are going to be similar to most contractors. There will be variations here and there that we can personalize for you but the basic principles are about the same. Listed below is our essential insurance requirements for contractors and, more specifically, artisan contractors.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance acts as one of the major safeguards for your business. It will protect you, your employees and any other guests on your property in the event that someone on your property gets injured or if an employee or guest inflicts damage upon your property. This policy will also cover your legal fees and any settlements that may arise in the future. But, it is ‘general’ so you will need more policies to cover the inherent gaps in general liability insurance.

Workers Compensation

This policy is required in most states by law so if you do not have it you will need to acquire it. Workers compensation protects your employees if they are injured as a result of a work related activity. It will cover any medical expenses they incur and will cover a portion of their salary until they return while hopefully helping them return to your business quickly.

Commercial Auto and Truck Insurance

If you drive a car, van or truck for your business you will need commercial auto and truck insurance. This will ensure that your vehicle is protected and that you will not have to pay for damages caused by an accident. This policy will keep your business moving forward even if your vehicle has experienced an accident.

These are the three main policies that most, if not all artisan contractors require. If you have any further questions please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-649-9094. We look forward to hearing from you!