improve job site attitudes
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How to Improve Job Site Attitudes

Attitude is everything when it comes to the job site. People love to throw around words like “teamwork” and “team building,” and often these terms are dismissed as platitudes and touchy-feely buzz terminology. The truth is, however, that acting as a team is vital to the functioning of a construction and contracting job. This is a dangerous business, and the better the attitudes of your workforce, the safer the job site becomes. Here’s a few ways you can improve job site attitudes and thus prevent costly accidents and injuries.

Benefits of Positive Attitudes

When you take steps to improve job site attitudes, you create a number of benefits that help to reduce liability and danger to your workers. Among these are a culture that operates faster and more efficiently. Fewer mistakes on the job site translates to less waste and higher quality work.

In addition, people will be more focused on their work, with fewer distractions, which will lead to a far reduced risk of accidents that can cause injury or property damage. Finally, weather and extenuating circumstances notwithstanding, projects will be far more likely to be completed on schedule.

improve job site attitudes

Attitude and New Hires

When people have a positive outlook about their job and work together like a well-oiled machine, new hires are welcomed into the community and have an easier time finding their place. Coworkers are more open and available if a new hire needs help or has questions, and this includes supervisors.

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In order to keep the environment happy, new hires should be given thorough training about their role in the company and on any safety and security issues before stepping onto the job site. This should apply even if they are experienced. It shows that you care about your workers and want to keep everyone safe.


Do not tolerate any form of harassment, initiation, embarrassment, or hazing at your business. Everyone has already gone through (presumably) the same hiring process and is perfectly appropriate to the job they’re taking. There is no reason for other staff to “test” or otherwise put a new worker through the ringer.

improve job site attitudes

Job Site Humor

While joking around and enjoying themselves on the job should be encouraged, inappropriate humor should be avoided. Jokes that are racial, religious, political or sexual in nature should not be permitted on the job site, as they stand to make some workers distinctly uncomfortable. Avoiding these situations can save your workers stress and discomfort, can improve job site attitudes and save you the hassle of harassment lawsuits.

Fair and Equal

Always be fair and equal with your staff. Get all the facts before rendering a judgment on an issue, and always be fair and equal with everyone. When problems arise, ask your staff what you can do to remedy the situation without putting anyone on the spot. Never “out” a worker who comes to you with a serious concern. Doing so can open them up to shunning or poor treatment by others.

Of course, workers compensation insurance and commercial general liability insurance are always good defenses against liability issues that do arise.