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Your HVAC system is one of the most expensive systems in your home. Major problems can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs while leaving your home either too hot or cold until fixed.

In many cases, you could prevent these big issues from happening with HVAC preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance also helps keep your units operating efficiently, improves longevity and reduces repair frequency. Use these checklists to keep your indoor and outdoor HVAC units in prime working condition and stop problems before they eat into your savings.

Preventative Maintenance Checklist for Indoor HVAC Units

  • Replace or clean your air filters as instructed by the manufacturer. Some air filters last 90 days, while others need to be checked on a monthly basis.
  • Clean your air vents and floor registers thoroughly. You reduce dust, dirt and other potential allergens from blowing around your house when the vents are clean.
  • Inspect your indoor units for signs of wear and tear, strange sounds and odors or leaks. If you catch parts wearing out early, you can replace them before a major issue occurs.
  • Keep at least 80 percent of your registers open so your HVAC system is not overburdened with pressure.

preventative maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Checklist for Outdoor HVAC Units

  • Keep leaves, bushes, weeds and other yard debris away from outdoor units. You may need to repeat this process on a monthly or weekly basis, depending on your unit’s positioning and your yard’s growth rate.
  • Turn off your outdoor HVAC unit and clean its exterior to prevent pollen, dirt and debris from reducing the system’s effectiveness.
  • Check the unit and connecting lines for problems such as damaged insulation, worn parts or broken control panels.
  • Inspect your outdoor unit’s base and confirm it’s sitting level on the ground. If the ground has shifted, you may need pads installed in order to level the system.

Your HVAC system should last many years so you can enjoy a comfortable home without interruption. These preventative maintenance tips will help you keep your indoor and outdoor units in top working condition and will give you advance notice if you need an HVAC professional to address small problems. Of course, make sure they have proper HVAC insurance before handling your expensive equipment.

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