how to prepare for a flood
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Learn How to Prepare for a Flood

Flooding can be one of the most devastating natural disasters to hit an area, so having your workplace prepared with a flood response plan is crucial.

Every moment before a flood hits can be spent making the right decisions, getting everyone to safety and ensuring that the needed provisions are at hand. Without knowing how to prepare for a flood, these moments will be instead spent panicking, making uncertain decisions and potentially placing people’s lives in danger.

Make sure that you fall into the former category with a comprehensive flood response plan that includes all the suggested safety and preparedness recommendations. Here is how to get started.

Form a Planning Committee

A planning committee should be designated to help organize a general plan and then refine its details. Committee members should consist of staff with managerial authority, but delegates from all levels of the organization should be represented. After all, any worker is capable of putting forth ideas and recognizing shortcomings, and everyone should know how to prepare for a flood.

Determine Conditions That Activate the Plan

The committee should agree upon set conditions that would set their flood response plan into motion. A prime example would be a flood warning with an advisory to evacuate, but even flood watches or flood warnings without evacuation needs must be prepared for.

Develop contingencies for your plan that correspond with the needed response based on the level of flood threat.

Decide Upon a Response Team Chain of Command

In an emergency, orders need to be clear so that everyone can respond quickly and with the correct actions. Having a clear authority during this time prevents disagreements or confusion. They can also delegate responsibilities to “team” leaders, such as a team head who helps ensure that everyone is present.

Sort out who should be doing what and answering to who in the event of a disaster.

Lay Out Evacuation or Response Procedures

Based on the team leader roles and the needed response level, formulate a plan where everyone can be led quickly to safe ground along with all the needed supplies. Have caveats for different setbacks, such as if the power goes out, roadways are cut off or structures collapse. The more you anticipate in advance, the less surprises capable of catching you off guard.

Note that one of the most important components of this plan will be having a system for accounting for all personnel as well as visitors or clients who happen to be near the site.

Determine Needed Safety Equipment for Personnel

Personnel may need specific safety gear to grapple with an incoming flood, such as inflatable devices, clothing that insulates against shock and so on. Take into account all of these items, and include how they will be accessed as part of your plan.

Naturally, some of these items will include an emergency kit complete with medical supplies as well as food and water. You can read more about how to assemble a proper kit by visiting

how to prepare for a flood

Make Sure Everyone Knows How to Prepare for a Flood

Review the formulated plan with management, and then communicate it with every employee in the organization to ensure that expectations and procedures are clear. Train employees in memorizing the plan, and rehearse it at least once a year to ensure that everyone is solid on what should happen during a flood.

Finally, re-evaluate the plan as needed and make changes based on suggestions, new information or variables that had not been considered yet.

Have Flood Insurance Ready

In a flood, you can save yourself and your crew, but saving your assets without putting your life in danger can be impossible in most situations. This is one of the first truths to accept when you are figuring out how to prepare for a flood. Make sure that you have contractors flood insurance to prepare for this event, and spend more time worrying about making it out okay rather than the financial losses you will experience.

You can view our other post on tornado and hurricane preparedness to ensure that you have all the ideas and concepts you need to formulate a reliable plan. Remember, your workers are depending on you.

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