how to organize tools
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It’s a problem every contractor can relate to. They can’t seem to find the tool they need when they need it. Without a system, contractors who don’t know how to organize tools exert extra effort and lose precious time.

If your workspace is a disaster zone, these tips will help you clean up your act.

Why You Should Organize Today

It’s easy for contractors to fall into a pattern of not keeping a clean, orderly work area. But, this practice is detrimental to their overall level of production.

There are many benefits to organization, including easy access to tools and the peace of mind of having a clutter-free work area. With a system in place, you will never have to fumble around for the right tool again.

Other reasons carpenters, electricians, plumbers and others should organize:

  • Protect tools from getting damaged
  • Organize tools with related accessories and supplies
  • Use storage space efficiently
  • Prevent loss of expensive tools

how to organize tools

Tips for How to Organize Tools

Although the benefits of organization in old and new construction companies have been well-documented, contractors often struggle with the question of how to organize tools easily and efficiently. Contractors with habitually messy workspaces may have never been taught the right way to store tools.

These quick tips will help you get started:

  • Put most-used tools near the front of the storage space.
  • Use clear labels to help easily identify tools.
  • A pegboard helps store tools vertically.
  • An alligator clip clothesline keeps wires untangled.
  • Component draws are a great way to store tiny parts.
  • Establish a box for junk, which you can sort through later.
  • Milk creates, which are cheap and durable, offer compartmental storage space.

Just like any construction job, contractors benefit from learning the nuts and bolts of how to organize tools in their workspace and then developing an action plan to accomplish the task. Then, all that’s needed is the time and effort to get the job done.

how to organize tools