how to motivate employees
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Construction is a tough business, which takes a toll on its workers. As a general contractor or subcontractor, a big challenge is how to motivate employees to work hard all year round.

If you’ve noticed your construction workers are becoming less productive, use this five-part strategy to get your team back on track.

How to Motivate Employees to Work Harder

1)      Show Appreciation for Good Work

Experienced bosses know that a simple pat on the back can go a long way. Employees thrive in an atmosphere that offers praise and recognition for a job well done.

In addition to regularly saying please and thank you, try these three tips.

  • Present individual achievement awards
  • Recognize teamwork

how to motivate employees

2)      Reward Employees

It pays to treat your employees well, because in many ways they are the key to your success. One way to show your appreciation is to give your construction employees small rewards.

  • Free lunch
  • Gift cards
  • Fun activities
  • Dinner with the boss

Offering incentives like these will motivate your employees to perform even better the next time.

3)      Celebrate Birthdays and other Milestones

Whether they are your foreman or a new employee, everyone likes a little attention now and then, especially on their birthday.

For your next team member’s birthday, consider bringing a cake for everyone to share. You will see how this will quickly improve morale.

Other easy ideas for how to motivate employees to work harder include:

  • Holiday parties
  • Team building games

how to motivate employees

4)      Encourage Professional Development

If you give your employees the tools to succeed, you are likely to get more in return. Today, there are many options available for helping construction workers become more effective and efficient.

  • Offer training opportunities
  • Attend annual conferences
  • Create a learning library
  • Sign up for free webinars

Once team members have gained more knowledge, you can challenge them to do even more complex jobs then they have done in the past.

5)      Be a Hands on Boss

Although you don’t have to be the cheerleader-in-chief, an involved boss keeps employees on their toes. If you are a general contractor, you could spontaneously visit a job site to talk to your team one-on-one.

Or, you can schedule weekly or monthly team meetings to keep your employees in the loop. And, if there is a social gathering, try to make some time to join in the fun. The more you get to know your employees, the better.

By using these five tips for how to motivate employees to perform at their best, you can keep your construction company firing on all cylinders at all times.

how to motivate employees