how to become a general contractor
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If you are interested in becoming a general contractor in the state of Florida, you must complete several steps. This includes passing a test, providing a record of your financial stability and presenting evidence of your experience. Licenses can be restricted to only a local area or applicable statewide. Learn more about how to become a general contractor in Florida today.

Official Guidelines for how to Become a General Contractor

how to be a general contractor

A contractor must have at least four years of field experience. During one of those years, the applicant must have served in a supervisory role or have finished three years of undergraduate credit hours. In addition, a contractor must provide evidence of experience in four of the following categories:

  • Foundations/slabs in excess of 20,000 square feet
  • Masonry walls
  • Steel erection
  • Elevated slabs
  • Pre-cast concrete structures
  • Column erection
  • Formwork for structural reinforced concrete

Registration and Certification

Contractors may either apply for a registration or a certification. If you receive a certification, you must pass a local competency examination and can only practice within that area. A registration gives you the right to practice throughout the state Florida.

You must also present any past criminal history information, insurance bonding ($300,000 liability, $5,000 property damage) and worker’s compensation coverage or proof of an exemption.

A two-year license renewal costs $209 for both certifications and registrations. This includes a $5 unlicensed activity fee and a $4 fee to fund state projects that relate to the building construction industry or continuing education programs.

how to become a general contractor

Veteran Provisions

On July 1, 2016, Florida instituted new provisions to assist U.S. military veterans who apply for a state license. Your service in the armed forces can now be counted towards the license’s experience requirement. You are urged to submit the Veteran Fee Waiver and Military Service Verification Form along with your application.

Veterans who would like to learn more about how to become a general contractor in Florida can read this form.

General Contractor Financial Requirements

The state of Florida requires applicants for a general contractor’s license to be in good financial standing. You cannot have any liens against your company, and your credit score must be 660 or higher.

The bond letter must be $20,000 for Division I contractors and $10,000 for Division II. You must also complete a 14-hour financial responsibility course.

how to become a general contractor

You can view and download an application at If you would like to learn more about how to become a general contractor, visit the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation’s website.

how to be a general contractor