how to be a better manager
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Just like picking up any of the skilled trades, there is a learning curve to figuring out how to be a better manager. In order to be effective, you will need to develop certain soft skills, like patience and persuasiveness. With personal attributes like these at your disposal, you will be able to gain more respect on the job.

5 Tips for How to Be a Better Manager

1)      Engage every Employee

Nobody likes a boss who doesn’t spend time at the job site. If you want to be a better manager, you will need to spend time interacting with those who work for you. Even a simple hello or a handshake can go a long way. By engaging employees throughout the day, they will become more productive, because they feel appreciated.

2)      Be Patient

There’s nobody who will tell you that managing employees isn’t trying. To succeed at being in charge, you will need a fair amount of patience.  It will help you deal with the added stress that comes with being a manager. Those who fully develop this soft skill are better equipped to deal with the demands of being a boss.

how to be a better manager

3)      Resolve Conflicts

As someone in the position of authority, you will probably have to resolve your fair share of employee conflicts. The best bosses can do more than break up fights.

They mitigate conflict in advance by encouraging communication throughout the contracting company. Then, if everyone works together as a team, conflicts can be few and far between.

4)      Learn to be Persuasive

One key to how to be a better manager is to learn the art of persuasion. While it may not seem as important to a construction job, a boss must be able to cajole and convince employees to complete difficult and complex tasks. A manager who possesses this interpersonal skill is typically much more effective.

how to be a better manager

5)      Practice Fairness

Nobody likes a manager who plays favorites.

As a leader at your company, you will gain much more respect if you practice fairness. The best way to achieve this goal is to leave personal emotions and biases at the door. By treating each employee equally, you will be less likely to alienate those you are managing.

The best managers act as role models for the whole team. They practice how to be a better manager on a daily basis. By following these five tips, you too can learn to take charge the right way.

how to be a better manager