heavy equipment injuries
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Working with machinery on construction sites presents the opportunity for you to get injured. However, when you take the necessary precautions, you can work safely and create a responsible, efficient workplace. Here are five general safety tips to help you avoid heavy equipment injuries.

1. Make Sure Your Equipment is Stored Safely

Create a checklist to make sure that all required buttons and levers on the machine are turned off at the end of a shift. Check the machine at least twice to make sure it’s not moving. Also, make sure the machine isn’t leaking fluids. If the machine is leaking, tag it to get fixed and arrange for the liquid it’s leaking to be collected and cleaned. Do not leave a hazard for the next shift.

2. Know When You or Your Partner is Fatigued

Signs of fatigue include giddiness, irritability, failure to pay attention and loss of appetite. If you or a partner are not awake on the job, take a rest break. When you return, engage in practices that prevent you from falling asleep, including properly ventilating the work site, staying hydrated, turning lights up to their normal levels, changing drivers and not eating heavy foods.

3. Be Aware of Dangers

Practice defensive driving and be aware of other hazards at your work site. These can include inclement weather and harsh chemicals. Use safety gear and personal protective equipment at all times. Get the proper training before you work with certain machines to avoid heavy equipment injuries. Learn how to work in a way that will keep you from incurring a repetitive stress injury or severe damage to your back or other body part.

heavy equipment injuries

4. Remain Focused on the Task at Hand

Stay focused on what you want to achieve and prioritize your work. Make sure you’re completing steps in the right order. If you’re working at night or under conditions that make it difficult for you to observe your progress, work with a partner. This will ensure you’re taking all of the necessary precautions with your piece of equipment.

5. Search for Tips on the Type of Heavy Equipment

For more specific information, conduct Internet searches on the equipment with which you work. This will help you find codes and view diagrams so you can perform simple fixes. You can also do searches on how to avoid common types of accidents, such as getting caught in a machine. Stay updated on potential problems and accidents that may occur with any new equipment. That will help you keep up on the latest methods to prevent and be aware of potential heavy equipment injuries.
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