Holtec International
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Jobs are about to arrive by the boatload in the port cities of Camden and Paulsboro New Jersey (and they won’t be coming from the sea). They will be coming from Holtec International, a U.S. based diversified technology company located just a stone’s throw from Philadelphia, Holt Logistics and the South Jersey Port Corp. The joint effort is expected to create close to 1,200 jobs thanks to $440 million in state and private aide. Such investment is definitely a welcome site in a state where the building industry has not grown at the same exponential rates as the rest of the country.


Holtec International will be responsible for the development of a training academy for local unemployed residents. With the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq coming to an end many servicemen and women are coming back without the skills necessary to enter the workplace. They served our country valiantly and they deserve the opportunity to earn their living. Holtec has worked hand in hand with the state in order to honor those veterans. A nuclear power factory would produce modular reactors (for shipment) but the residents of Camden would not see any nuclear fuel. The site is expected to provide more than 400 jobs.


While Holtec focuses on their new training center and nuclear facility, Holt Logistics will be building a $170 million marine terminal with some help from the South Jersey Port Corp. Analysts expect the facility, which is being built on the waterfront (on the former BP site), to create upwards of 850 permanent job. Very good news for any contractors in the area.

The two projects are also appear to be an unintentional group effort between Holtec and Holt logistics. Holt Logistics will give Holtec the land necessary for their new facility (some 50 acres on the Camden waterfront). With a project that’s expected to exceed 600,000 square feet, Holtec will need all of the land they can get. Nothing has been finalized yet as Holtec is also considering a site in Charleston, South Carolina and local residents are unsure as to whether or not the number of jobs created is worth the tax money locals would have to put into the project. Is it worth it?

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