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Hiring in the skilled trades should not be taken lightly. The wrong hire can easily drag down your whole contracting company. If you are expanding or replacing a departed worker, your business will benefit from developing a plan to land the right employees.

How to Build a Strong Workforce in the Skilled Trades

Pre-Recruiting Preparation

It’s never a good idea to jump into the hiring process without identifying your company’s goals.

Before announcing your job openings, ask yourself these four questions:

  • What is the role of the position you wish to fill?
  • Is it a temporary, part-time or full-time job?
  • What skills and competencies are required of a new hire?
  • What are your expectations for job performance?

Branding your Company to Candidates

In order to attract the best and the brightest, your company must be an appealing place to work.

skilled trades

If you are an employer in the skilled trades, like a plumber or an electrician, you should start with strengthening what your company is offering its job seekers.

4 things every job seeker wants:

  • Competitive pay and benefits packages
  • A healthy work life balance
  • A welcoming work environment
  • A diverse workforce

Then, shift your focus to deciding how you will sell your company to applicants. For example, is your company a leader in local masonry? Or, does your business have the best benefits packages in New York State?

You can leverage strengths like these to attract more qualified job candidates.

Casting a Wide Net

As you get ready to announce your openings, you will want to develop a strategy that will help you get noticed by a wide cross-section of applicants.

These seven tips will give you a rough road map to building a pool of quality candidates:

  • Write a detailed job description
  • Pay to promote your ad online
  • Target both niche and broad job boards
  • Promote on social media
  • Create a careers page on your website
  • Attend job fairs
  • Ask for referrals from your network

skilled trades

Finding the Right Fit

Once the applications start rolling in, it’s time to focus on finding the perfect candidates for your organization. You will benefit most from hiring a new employee who fits in both culturally and strategically.

Ask yourself questions like these about your applicants:

  • Do they have the required knowledge, skills and abilities to complete the job?
  • Are their personal characteristics a good fit for your company’s culture, values and mission?

You can answer these questions in the screening process with tools like job knowledge tests or personality and behavioral assessments.

These hiring suggestions give you the framework to find the type of diligent workers who will help you further the success of your contracting business.skilled trades