hiring construction workers
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With the economy growing at a rapid pace, contracting businesses now face stiffer competition when hiring construction workers. As a result, some companies are revisiting how they find and select new employees. It’s important today to get this process right, because bringing the wrong person on board can hurt your entire company.

1)     No Outreach Program

In today’s economy, contracting businesses can’t sit back and wait for construction laborers to come to them. Instead, your company will benefit from developing an outreach program.

5 Places to Find Quality Workers

By using resources like these, you can broaden your employee search and find the right people for the job the first time around.

hiring construction workers

2)     Not Taking Advantage of Available Technology

The hiring game is different today than it may have been the last time your company updated its employee search strategy. The modern applicant is much more likely to find your company on the internet than anywhere else.

It’s common today for jobs in the skilled trades to advertise openings online. From indeed.com to your own website, there are many online options available that will help you attract a younger audience.

3)     Waiting until the Last Minute

Another big mistake to avoid when hiring construction workers is to wait until your company is in desperate need of help to begin the hiring process. In this situation, you may be more apt to rush through the interviews and hire the wrong person.

But, if you begin the process before you become shorthanded, you will have the luxury of being more selective in hiring workers.

hiring construction workers

4)     Hiring Construction Workers based Solely on Skills

If you are hiring construction workers, your company will benefit from taking a big picture approach. Think not only about technical skills but also character.

While it’s possible to acquire construction skills, it’s harder to teach personal attributes. A candidate’s personality is equally important, because it can determine whether or not an individual will fit the work environment and the company’s values.

5)     Not Checking References or Backgrounds

No matter how short-staffed your company may be, it never pays to rush when hiring construction workers. Always take the time to check the references and run background checks all candidates. A thorough hiring process will help you find the best talent and avoid bad apples.

Hiring construction workers doesn’t have to be a difficult task. If you learn to avoid these five common mistakes, you will be able to find workers you can retain for a long time. Good luck and happy hunting.

hiring construction workers