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Green construction is red hot right now. From New York to California, commercial contractors are jumping on the bandwagon, because “going green” offers business benefits beyond protecting the environment.

1)      Green Construction is more Cost-Effective

A common construction myth is that using environmentally-friendly material will hurt the bottom-line. In fact, green construction is now more cost-effective than previously thought. As eco-friendly construction has become more popular, the price of materials and cost of labor has decreased drastically.

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In New York and other states, there are a variety of tax benefits and incentives available for green builders. They may include tax incentives, grants, expedited building permits and reductions or waivers in fees.

Once completed, green structures also offer a greater return on investment, because they are now worth seven percent more than traditional buildings.

2)      It Reduces your Environmental Impact

Today, your contracting business has the opportunity to contribute to creating a greener planet. From recycling to waste management, contractors can reduce the environmental impact of every project they create. Instead of producing hazardous waste, these type of projects cause less harm by working with reusable or recyclable resources.


Important Environmental Benefits

  • Protects biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Improves air and water quality
  • Reduces waste
  • Cuts dependence on natural resources

Green construction is also a win-win for you, because your workforce faces significantly less exposure to toxic chemicals and substances. Your employees will likely suffer fewer symptoms of illness, like headaches asthma and allergies, which may be caused by traditional building materials. As a result, you may save money on sick days.

3)      ‘Going Green’ cuts Maintenance and Operating Costs



Although some studies indicate that initial eco-building costs may be slightly higher, the typical green investment more than pays for itself over the life of the building. Green materials, such as LED lighting, costs less to maintain and repair than many types of traditional ones.

LEED-certified buildings typically use 25 percent less energy and produce a 19 percent reduction in overall operational costs when compared to those buildings without LEED certifications.

A green building can also save as much as 30 percent on heating, cooling and water usage every year. For example, installing an energy-efficient HVAC system will not only reduce monthly bills but will also cut maintenance costs.

Green building, which is grabbing an increasingly larger share of commercial construction, is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

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