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The 2015 holiday season is upon us, and because many of us are already wrapped in our own concerns we may not notice the chances we have to help others who are far less fortunate. Contractors are in a particularly-great position to help families in need around the holiday season. They can take the time to donate their skill set, or they can leverage their business’ resources to help give back to their community.

Give Back This Holiday Season

If you are a contractor, strongly consider performing one of the following acts of giving and kindness this holiday season to make a huge difference in a time when it can matter the most:

Donate/Volunteer Your Services

The greatest gift a contractor can lend is that of their own labor and expertise. There are countless families out there who have home issues that are tragically only going to become worse over time. Prevent the cycle of wear and expense by volunteering to aid those with homes in a state of disrepair. Doing so enriches their lives while keeping them warm and safe this winter.

Make someone happy any way you can; you would be amazed by how something that seems small and insignificant to you can seriously improve someone’s quality of life. Even a small job like replacing trim or rehanging a door can be enough to create a huge positive impact in how someone spends their holidays.

holiday season

Help Others Winterize Their Home

If you do not think that you will have the time to donate several hours of labor this season, you can still give back and make a difference in your community. Home winterization services keep people comfortable and lower their home energy expenses greatly in a short amount of time. Taking five to ten minutes a house to apply weather stripping and seal cracks with caulk could mean someone sleeping well this winter or preventing them from contracting an illness.

Donate Extra Materials

Contractors inevitably end up with surplus materials at the end of jobs. Consider donating any non-billed materials you no longer need to families who could use them for crucial home repairs or improvements. One bundle of shingles can patch a sizable portion of someone’s roof, and extra fixtures or hardware can greatly improve the utility of someone’s home. As an added bonus, these donated materials can potentially equal a tax deduction, making over-ordering less of a financial blow.

Extra-generous contractors could even go out of their way to purchase needed materials for unfortunate families and donate them. While the expense may be significant, your supplier connections present dramatic cost savings compared to the family having to buy materials retail at a home improvement store.

holiday season

Collect Toys, Clothes, Donations This Holiday Season

Contractors serve clients that are frequently quite blessed with financial resources. Consider asking these clients if they would like to provide a small $20 to $100 donation as a part of their service contract. This money can pool quickly to help you provide services like those outlined above. A family who needs new pipes to get running water this winter or a new furnace could get one with just a dozen or so of such donations.

If money seems like too much to ask for, get the word out in your community that your contracting business is collecting toys or winter clothing for those in need. A $5 toy under the Christmas tree could be enough to impart a rare smile, as could an inexpensive scarf, hat or mittens.

holiday season

All of these ideas truly do not ask much from you, your clients or your community, but they can be life-changing when given to a family who is truly struggling this holiday season. After all, taking the time to ask how someone is doing and thinking of small ways to help them is truly what the holiday season is all about.

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