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Running a business today without the use of a vehicle can make life a little difficult (especially as a contractor). Moving equipment and workers from site to site would be impossible without the use of a pickup truck or a van, which could make your local small business a little bit more local than you, may have imagined when you first started out. In that situation you might consider leasing or renting a vehicle to transport your business. But what happens if you get into an accident? Regardless of whether you own your company’s vehicle or are leasing it you will need commercial auto and truck insurance, as your personal insurance will not cover the cost of the damaged vehicle or damaged equipment. And that is not all it does…


What does commercial auto and truck insurance do?


In the event of an accident, collision or personal injury this policy will provide coverage for your damaged vehicle, injured employees and damaged equipment. Meaning you can spend less time worrying about how you will pay for the accident and more time on keeping your business running. It will also get you your vehicles back on the road faster ensuring a seamless transition from the accident back to business as usual. Commercial auto and truck insurance also provides better protection for longer distances (and more time) spent in your vehicle than a personal auto insurance policy. Listed below are a few other situations in which a commercial auto insurance policy will be particularly useful.

  • Auto liability
  • Collision and repair
  • Protecting goods and materials in transit
  • Personal injury
  • Coverage for uninsured motorists

Coverage can also be extended to cover a variety of your vehicles and employees. We believe that just as no contractor is the same, no insurance policy should be the same. We will adjust your policy to fit your needs.

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