Solar Power Installers
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As we watch fuel prices reach all-time highs, many people are looking to alternative solutions to power their homes and businesses. In rural areas, wind-produced energy is becoming a popular option, as they have plenty of open area to install windmills and other devices. Putting up a windmill in the middle of a city isn’t exactly a feasible option, so in urban areas homeowners and businesses have looked toward solar power sources instead.

Construction companies that specialize in installing solar panels on the roofs of homes and businesses are becoming increasingly present. Solar power installers, like other construction contractors, require general liability insurance to protect themselves and their employees. However, they are in a particularly unique situation, because their industry has inherent risks that are not covered under general policies. That is why there have been specialized general liability insurance policies designed for individuals and companies in the solar industry.

When installing solar panels on a business building, the solar power installer’s general liability policy will protect him if a customer or visitor is injured at the worksite. For instance, if the employees who were installing a set of panels stopped what they were doing to break for lunch, left the stack of panels on the ground, and someone tripped and fell over them, general liability insurance would cover the costs of the injury. Additionally, if one of the solar panels was dropped from the roof, someone on the ground below may be struck by it and injured. Any injuries sustained in such an incident would also be covered by general liability insurance.

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If an accident or incident on site results in property damage by either the contractor, installer, or the solar energy product itself, a general liability insurance policy will protect the insured from the liability. The solar power installers will even be covered if the faulty product was obtained through a third party manufacturer or retailer. This type of coverage is typical of standard general liability insurance policies. Even the medical and legal fees pertinent to such an incident would be covered by insurance, regardless of whether or not the insured was found to be at fault.

General liability insurance policies specifically designed for individuals or companies in the solar industry are necessary for incidents that don’t occur in other industries. Solar powered energy is fairly new, and as such, we are not always sure that the products made to collect solar power are going to be long-lasting. As a result, these types of insurance policies can protect individuals and companies who are solar power installers from any liabilities regarding faulty or inferior products. This means that if a contractor installs solar paneling on a building, and a year later the customer complains that the paneling did not perform as promised, or caused any kind of damage, the contractor’s insurance still covers the work he did previously.