General Contractor
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As the World Cup begins to wind down we figured we’d give you one last blog on the similarities and differences between building contractors and general contractors. As you begin to assemble your contractor team you’re going to put people in a position to succeed and a lot of that has to do with knowing what each contractor does well.

In soccer, there’s always talk about how formations are overrated (much like the difference between the 3-4 and 4-3 defenses in American football right now). It all has to do with knowing what each player does well, how they combine with others and then letting them do what they do well. But, for the sake of simplicity, we’re going to assess the strengths of each contractor and what position they would play (theoretically). So get comfortable, grab your cup of coffee and let’s get your squad of contractors together.

General Contractors

General Contractors are the contractor version of a soccer team’s Number 10. The Number 10 is the team’s playmaker. They orchestrate the play on the field and are responsible for setting their teammates up and putting them in the best attacking positions. They control the tempo of the game just as general contractors can control the tempo of your project. Just like the Number 10, general contractors are responsible for supervising employees, planning how the project will be carried out and making sure everything’s within the rules of the game. They’re an incredibly useful asset but there is one catch. They need a partner. That’s where the Number 9 comes in.

Building Contractors

The Number 9 is responsible for finishing the job. He’s your striker, your goal scorer. He gets stuff done. And that’s exactly what Building Contractors are there to do. Building contractors complete tasks that ensure that your building is up on time. They’re responsible for creating a plan for the build, acquiring the materials, hiring and firing building staff and acquiring the necessary permits for the project. Some of the responsibilities of the General Contractor and the Building Contractor overlap and sometimes contractors specialize in both.

So if you’re considering becoming either a building contractor or a general contractor just know that it never hurts to work as a team. But, if you’re feeling more independent you could always specialize in both. The doors are open and the world is your oyster. Best of luck in your future building endeavors!