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Looking for something fun to do with the family this weekend? Or maybe you just want to show your kid what you do during the week? Either way, we’ve got good news for you. A theme park, just outside of Philadelphia, has just opened up that allows both children and adults to play around with excavating equipment. Every little boy dreams about smashing stuff with a bulldozer so why not let them play off that urge and use real trucks. The theme park is called Diggerland and it definitely looks like a summer hot spot worth checking out.

Diggerland is located about 40 minutes away from downtown Philly in the Township of West Berlin (in New Jersey). Somewhat surprisingly, this construction playground is not the first of its’ kind. There are four such parks in the United Kingdom and there is also one in Las Vegas (which definitely follows the, “Go Big or Go Home” mantra) as it is designed more for adults than children. Diggerland has managed to find a happy medium by offering a variety of rides as well as stringent safety precautions.

Park goers must be over 4 feet tall to operate the machinery like dump trucks and backhoes (all of which are the real deal but with limited functionality). That means more fun for your children and less time you have to spend worrying about their safety. The digging machinery is also rooted into the ground so you will be unable to drive it around the park. If your children decide to try the dump truck race they won’t be able to drive the machine at its full capacity due to safe guards that keep the vehicle below a certain speed.

For those with younger children, or who would prefer not to let them operate heavy machinery, there are other rides. The Spin Dizzy, a ride that spins you round and round in a metal earth-mover bucket, gained the approval of the Associated Press. More traditional rides, such as carousels, are also available at the park.

Showing your children exactly what you do (and letting them do it) is not an experience that comes around often for a building contractor. Diggerland offers the perfect opportunity for a “take your kid to work day” without the work. Something every working parent takes pride in showing their children. Enjoy your summer!