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With the cost of diesel fuel now above $2.50 a gallon, fuel costs are the second highest expense for most construction companies. As a result, more and more contractors are choosing to buy or rent newer, more fuel efficient construction equipment.

What is Fuel Efficiency?

Technically speaking, fuel efficiency is the proportion of energy released by a fuel combustion process, which is converted into useful work. More generally, it is a comparison between fuel used and work accomplished. For vehicles, fuel efficiency is measured in miles per gallon or kilometers per liter.

construction equipment

Why Choose Fuel Efficient Construction Equipment?

1)      Spend Less Money on Fuel

Whether you are driving between jobs or idling on the road, fuel consumption quickly adds up. Many contractors choose a clean diesel vehicle, because it can play a major role in their profitability. Since these type of engines do not burn as much fuel, your fuel costs will likely decrease over time.

2)      Decreased Environmental Impact

Fuel efficient engines are better for the environment, because they produce less air pollution. Older models of diesel engines release more carcinogens, ozone smog-forming compounds and soot into the atmosphere. Today’s redesigned engines omit a significantly smaller amount of greenhouse gases, which damage the ozone layer.

3)      Comply with EPA Regulations

As of January 1, 2014, the EPA updated emissions standards for new engines used in off-road equipment, including those used in construction. It requires vehicles to contain technology that reduces exhaust gases.

New off-highway construction equipment with a 50-hp or higher diesel engine must meet the strictest of emission requirements. These rules do not apply to older engines.

Because of these three reasons, the demand for fuel efficient construction vehicles is expected to continue to increase in the coming years. If you are buying or renting new motorized equipment, a fuel efficient option is likely to offer you better overall value.

construction equipment