employee retention strategies
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With quality workers scarce in the skilled trades, employers can’t afford to sit back and do nothing. Today contracting companies are working hard to hold on to quality employees. If you’ve lost or fear losing team members, try these five employee retention strategies.

Why your Employees Leave

As the economy continues to grow, it’s become harder to hold onto quality employees. Although every situation is different, there are four main reasons why workers move on:

  1. General dissatisfaction
  2. Negative experiences
  3. Better opportunities
  4. Change of plans

While you can never do anything about someone who has a change of plans, smart employers are working hard to improve employees’ work life.

employee retention strategies

The Most Effective Employee Retention Strategies

Whether you work in construction or masonry, you rely on your employees day-in and day-out. In the end, it pays to take care of them well.

1)      Provide a Safe Environment

In an industry where injuries are commonplace, a safe job site is often a selling point to both prospective and current employees. Employees will feel more comfortable in a workplace where tools and equipment aren’t in harm’s way.

2)      Connect with your Team

Employees perform better and stick around longer when they feel validated. By taking the time to connect with your team, it will give your employees a more enjoyable experience.

  • Provide positive feedback
  • Offer growth opportunities
  • Challenge your workers to do their best

Or, you could even try arranging a company outing to a bar or a ballgame to improve employee morale.

employee retention strategies

3)      Give Incentives

In today’s competitive job market, higher wages are an effective incentive. Although it may seem like a big expense, it can save you the time and resources it would take to train new hires.

Just like corporations, contractors are now beginning to offer employees extra incentives, like extended training opportunities and tuition reimbursement.

4)      Provide Growth Opportunities

One of the most popular employee retention strategies is to provide career advancement opportunities. You could prioritize promoting from within, or offer paid training that will help employees advance their careers.

employee retention strategies

5)      Encourage a Healthy Work Life Balance

If you want to keep your employees happy, you could do little things to improve their work life balance.

  • Increase paid time off
  • Allow adequate rest periods
  • Allow workers to take “flextime”
  • Promote health initiatives

As you take steps to improve your employees’ work life balance, keep an eye out for employee burnout. It is a common factor in a worker’s decision to leave a job.

By following these five employee retention strategies, you will be able to build a strong team of workers who can help your contracting company grow.

employee retention strategies