Protect Your Business with Electrical Contractors Liability Insurance
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Accidents happen; a lot, actually. Especially when you’re working as an electrical contractor on a site that may or may not be a little bit riskier than usual. Walls may fall, electrical cords may shock and unsuspecting people may end up in compromising situations on your work site. And that’s just the short version of all the things that can go wrong. So, to protect yourself you may want to consider getting electrical contractors liability insurance. Here’s what you need to know.

Electrical Contractors Liability Insurance

Regardless of whether or not you are an independent contractor and you work on your own, or, if you are a general contractor who employs multiple electricians there is a high likelihood that you will need electrical contractors liability insurance. Why? Because no one you hire (not even you) is entirely immune from the repercussions of an accident. We wish that wasn’t the case, but, an accident free work zone has not yet been invented (even if you use the proper procedures and precautions). But, that’s not the only reason why you need to get the proper coverage.

Liability insurance, or electrical contractors liability insurance, is required by law in most states. And, when it’s not, it’s typically required in the contract you sign when you begin a project. It will cover you, and your employees, in the event of an accident (which we have defined below).

  • If a customer injures his or herself on your worksite
  • If you or your employees cause property damage on your site (or off it)
  • Any litigation that the injured party (or property owner) brings before you

In all of those situations, your insurance company will take the necessary steps to ensure that, what could end up being a potential headache, becomes something that you can simply brush over. That protection should ensure that you can spend less time worrying about your coverage and more time worrying about taking care of your business. We’re sure you have enough on your plate already, so don’t let insurance get in the way.

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