drone technology
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Once reserved for military use, drone technology is now flying high above construction sites, helping contractors with everything from surveying to safety. These little machines could be the next big thing to revolutionize construction work.

What is a Drone?

A drone is an unmanned aircraft or flying robot. These machines can be remotely controlled or they can fly autonomously through software-controlled flight plans.

drone technology

A typical drone is built with light composite materials that reduce weight and increase maneuverability. They are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, such as infra-red cameras and GPS systems.

At first, drone technology was mostly used for military activities, like intelligence gathering. Recently, drones have begun to be used by in the private sector to help with tasks, such as surveillance and delivery services.

5 Ways Drone Technology can be used in Construction

1)      Surveying

Drones have the ability to survey job sites and create detailed maps. Drone technology is beneficial to surveying for three reasons:

  • It saves money, because you don’t need expensive surveying tools
  • Drone surveying saves time, because it streamlines data collection
  • The results you receive are typically more accurate, because human error is eliminated from the process

2)      Monitoring Job Sites

If you run a contracting company, you probably can’t always personally monitor your job site(s). Drones are a new solution to this age-old problem. They have the ability to monitor your project from above to ensure your employees are productive by providing visual evidence of their work. Drones have also been useful in helping to prevent construction equipment loss and theft.

drone construction

3)      Documenting Progress

Drone technology can be used to fix a common client problem: documenting project progress. Since your clients may not be able to regularly visit your job site, drone photos can display up-to-date pictures of progress of a project.

4)      Inspecting Structures

Drones can simplify the process of inspecting structures. No longer will you need heavy equipment and multiple people to conduct an inspection. Instead, drones can quickly detect how solid a structure is or if the project is moving along according to plan.

5)      Improving Safety

Automated aircrafts have proved to be useful in improving workplace safety. Drones may be used to perform routine safety sweeps, which can free up your managers to focus other tasks. Your eyes and ears in the sky could detect a safety issue before it results in a costly workers’ compensation claim.

2018 is an exciting time to work in the skilled trades. From artificial intelligence to drones, modern technology is reshaping the landscape of professional construction.

drone technology