Customer Testimonials
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Boost Your Company’s Reputation

Word of mouth is extremely important for most industries, and contracting is no exception. Although online/print/media advertising are all valuable avenues through which you can advertise your company, people have a tendency to value the word of a satisfied customer much sooner than they’re willing to buy into an advertisement. A great benefit to your business is to collect customer testimonials across a variety of sources to boost your company’s reputation.

There are many online review sites that people consult before they hire service providers. and are two of the most notable, and as a result are two to which you should pay attention. In addition to these sites, it’s helpful to have customer testimonials posted on your own website, because different people put more stock in different sources. Some people are more apt to trust customer testimonials on the contractor’s website, however others believe that third-party site reviews are more trustworthy because they have no potential bias.

Benefits of Customer Testimonials

Many instances can lead to the recommendation of your services via word of mouth. After any kind of home renovation job, it’s likely that your client will show off her home to her friends, and suggest if they have any work to be done that they hire you. If you’ve done a job that’s outside and someone walking their dog passes by and is impressed, they may ask the homeowner who did the work so they can give you a call themselves. There’s always an opportunity for word of mouth advertising.

The same customers that are likely going to suggest your services to their friends are usually the best clients to ask for a written recommendation. Compiling the kind words of your satisfied clients gives your company a collection of customer testimonials that you can put on display for new potential clients to read.  Another valuable venue for satisfied customers to share their praise is your company’s Facebook page! People are all about raving about the things they love and condemning the things they don’t on social media, so getting customers to post about how fantastic it was to work with you on Facebook is another great outlet to utilize. Even having a high number of “likes” is impressive to many potential clients. Your online reputation plays a big role in how people see your company.

What’s being said about your company online is a great tool for you to use constructively as well. If someone voices their grievances about unsatisfactory service that they’ve received from your company, not only is it something you can diligently work toward never doing again, but you can make a public retribution to the unhappy client. Not only does that serve the purpose of hopefully patching things up with the client, but other consumers will respect the efforts you’ve put into fixing the problem.