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Have you been down to your crawl space lately? No? It’s alright neither have we. In fact, we’re pretty much sure nobody goes down to their crawl spaces anymore. Why? Because it’s creepy. They’re filled with dead mice, birds, squirrels, bees and the Ghosts of Christmas Past. In other words, it looks like the scene of a murder; not exactly where you want to have your cup of afternoon tea (or more practically store your belongings).

The Need for Insulation Contractors

Since crawlspaces are so often ignored they can become breeding grounds for things that could negatively affect your living situation as temperatures continue to climb. It’s no secret that warm air rises but when that air is rising from the urine and mold infested underbelly of your home there are certain problems that may arise. For starters, mold spores and moisture will accompany the rising air into the main portion of your home. Toxic spores will thrive and reproduce triggering allergies and putting those with asthma, and other respiratory problems, at greater risk.

One New Jersey firm has set its’ contractors to work in an effort to effectively clean crawl spaces and remove any hazardous material from your home. Eastern insulation NJ contractors at AttiCare, an insulation contractors NJ company, just recently announced a new method in cleaning crawlspaces that should make for a cleaner and safer environment.

While they mostly specialize in insulating and maintaining attics, AttiCare has expanded their business to cover crawl spaces as well. Perhaps the most important part of their process is to check the air cuts and insulation in your home. Insulation keeps your house warm, but it can also serve as the perfect home for your not-so-friendly neighborhood rat and air ducts, if improperly maintained, can lead to higher energy bills and respiratory problems.

Consider Hiring Insulation Contractors to Clean your Crawl Space if:

(1)    You smell mold

(2)    You notice insulation has been displaced, nibbled or fouled

(3)    Vents are improperly placed (or blocked entirely)

(4)    Your crawlspace smells like something died

(5)    If your crawlspace looks like any of the crawlspaces depicted in these images

Happy Spring Cleaning!