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America is, and always has been, a nation of builders. We started with simple log-cabins and sod houses, which made for simple living but, it was living nonetheless. As our methods become more advanced we conquered the sky with buildings that soared through the clouds. We built a rail-line that unified our two costs and created the infrastructure for our industrial future. Beyond establishing the foundation that our country stands upon, our builders have been the talisman that the rest of the world has followed for over a century. While our list of accomplishments is impressive, there are still areas that we can improve on (take workplace safety for example). Last year alone there were roughly 12 work-related fatalities a day and, as world leaders, we can make strides to reduce that number even further if we have the proper education. Without further ado, here are our 5 contractor safety tips that will keep you and your team safe.

Stay Safe with These 5 Contractor Safety Tips

1. Site Cleanliness

Keeping a construction site entirely clean is pretty much impossible. However, some semblance of cleanliness could be the difference between a fatal injury and a minor trip or fall. To keep your worksite clean be sure to keep materials organized and instruct your employees on where materials should be placed during the work day.

2. Asbestos

Asbestos is common in old buildings in the States and is incredibly dangerous (and a major obstacle to contractor safety) if you do not take the proper precautions. Before you begin working on a worksite have an expert check for asbestos-containing materials (like sprayed insulation and asbestos cement) and have your employees educated appropriately.

3. Falls

Falls may be the most lethal component on this list but, they also may be the most preventable. With the proper equipment (scaffolding, guardrails, etc.) and proper training (i.e. how to properly use powered access equipment) we should be able to reduce the frequency of falls and significantly improve contractor safety.

4. Effective Lifting Technique

Lifting injuries might just be the most frequent cause of injury on this contractor safety list. Most injuries occur either because the contractor in question lacks the physical fitness necessary to complete the task or they have received improper training on lifting techniques (i.e. lifting with your back instead of your legs).

5. Transport

Due to the high volume of other drivers on our roadways, transport for your business can become a risky endeavor. Instruct your employees on the consequences of a traffic accident, what it could mean for their future as a contractor and give them instruction on defensive driving. Driving fast doesn’t mean the project will get done faster, driving safely and ensuring that both equipment and personnel arrive in one piece will.

These 5 SAFE-T contractor safety tips should help ensure that we as builders remain a step ahead of the rest of the world while simultaneously creating a safe environment for our fellow builders and employees. Still, there will be instances where injuries do occur (regardless of precautions taken) and in those moments it pays to have a quality workers compensation policy. If you have any further questions about workers comp or contractor safety please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-649-9094. We look forward to hearing from you!