Contractor General Liability Insurance - Get the Lowest Rates
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Insurance is expensive. That’s a pretty widely known (or assumed) fact. But, it doesn’t have to be. Yes, you will have to pay for insurance but, typically, the complaints that people have about insurance arise from those policies that do not provide adequate coverage. So, no matter what you’re paying, it’s going to be too high because the coverage is not performing up to your expectations. You might even abandon insurance altogether when you can (not a good idea). As a contractor, working in a high risk industry, you don’t need all of the protection you can get. You need the right protection. And you need it for a reasonable price. Here’s how you can get the lowest rates on your contractor general liability insurance policy.

Contractor General Liability Insurance – A Guide to Lower Rates

There are a few different ways to get lower rates but, we’re only going to touch on our top three for the sake of time. These tips should allow you to not only spend less on insurance, but invest more money back into your company. And, hey, it is the holiday’s after all so a little extra cash never hurt anyone. Here are our top three tips.

1.       Look for Free Quotes

It might sound ridiculous (or even cheap) but just simply looking for free quotes can save you a surprising amount of money. So, while it might seem cheap it’s probably going to get you a cheaper rate on your contractor general liability policy. The only downside is you’ll probably have to give out your e-mail address (which isn’t too bad).

2.       Get Reviews

Before you get into bed with your new insurance provider be sure to do a bit of a background check on them. Get reviews and recommendations from previous customers and get the data you need to make an informed decision. A too good to be true deal will probably be just that.

3.       Avoid Making A Lot of Claims

Congratulations! You just got the lowest rate on your contractor general liability insurance policy but there are still ways to pay less. Inevitably, your business will probably damage equipment or someone will get hurt. And it might get tempting to make a claim but we’re going to urge you to only make that claim when its’ absolutely necessary. Making unnecessary claims could cause your rates to increase drastically. So, while you might be saving money over the short term, you could lose quite a bit over the long term if you make that claim.

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