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There’s no job site out there that doesn’t get messy at some point. While nobody expects everything to be immaculate, a work zone’s appearance may help or hinder job performance. If you are wondering whether it’s worth sweeping up every day, this contractor advice column explains why you should.

Contractor Advice: Why you need a Clean, Organized Workspace


Although a job site is mostly a functional workspace, its appearance reflects on your company as a whole.

Keeping a work zone clean shows a sense of professional and pride in your job. Properly maintaining everything from the fork lifts to the restrooms demonstrates to current and potential clients your attention to detail.

However, a dirty or disorganized work zone can have the opposite effect.

  • Contractor advice tip: too much dirt and clutter often creates a poor first impression. It may even display to visitors that you don’t care much about your masonry, carpentry or construction company.

contractor advice


An organized workplace is more efficient and productive, because its employees have a structure they can follow.

For example, a general contractor can save time looking for things if they learn how to organize tools and regularly put them away.

Then, workers are able to accomplish more tasks and generate more revenue for your company.

  • Contractor advice tip: a tidy workspace is also a way to limit workplace distractions that can hurt productivity.


Regularly cleaning and organizing your job site improves work zone safety and keeps worker’s compensation claims down.

For example, cleaning up spilled liquids can help prevent workers from slipping and falling. In addition, a thorough cleaning at the end of the day can reduce risk for those working at night.


From sick days to disability insurance, illness costs contractors money. As a result, many successful contractors focus on providing an environment that positively contributes to employee well-being. They work to minimize issues like lingering dust and germs, which negatively impact workers’ health, productivity and ultimately the viability of your company.


A well-kept workspace can contribute to improved employee morale. Simple things like swept floors can influence the level of pride employees take in their jobs. This positive attitude then may prompt your employees to take the initiative to keep their own workspaces clean.

A clean workspace is more than a cosmetic fix. With healthier, happier employees, it can also improve the financial health of your contracting business.
contractor advice