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As we turn the page on 2016, we look ahead at five construction trends that will transform the industry in the New Year.

Construction Trends to Expect to See in the New Year

1)      The construction industry will continue to expand

2017 promises to be another great year for construction. Recently, three respected economists predicted continued industry growth next year. One expert estimated that non-residential construction spending would rise as much as 3.5 percent.

Strong demand is also expected in specific construction specialties, including:

  • Hotels
  • Office space
  • Recreation space

2)      Greater competition for qualified workers

In November, construction employment reached its highest level in eight years, according to the Associated General Contractors of America. In 2017, these high employment levels are predicted to cause increased competition for qualified construction workers, which could drive salaries higher.

In this video, the chief economist for the Associated Contractors of America, Ken Simonson, explains why and how this happening.

3)      Energy-Saving and Smart Buildings

As eco-friendly becomes more than a buzzword, construction professionals are more frequently incorporating energy-saving building systems into the design and construction process. These systems are valuable, because they can increase return on investment and the value of a building.

Smart building may also impact the industry in 2017. More construction companies are likely to join the trend of automating and tracking their facilities’ systems with data monitoring and remote access.

4)      There’s an App for thatconstruction trends

Today, technology is changing the face of businesses everywhere, including construction.

Many construction companies now rely on apps to instantaneously access shared information or improve safety. This increasing use of technology helps workers do their job more easily and efficiently.

Check out this handy list of the 10 best construction apps of the year!

5)      3D Modeling

General contractors and subcontractors have already begun taking advantage of the new 3D printing technology. They have been using it to create models of plumbing systems, ductwork, steel work and more.

These more-realistic renderings provide a better way to visualize and anticipate problems before they arise. Since 3D modeling has become more widely available, it is likely to be used more in the construction industry.

While all these ideas may not yet be on your radar, expect these five construction trends to influence how you do business in 2017.

construction trends