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The construction industry has made tremendous strides since the days of steam-powered machinery. Innovations in construction technology over the years has helped us build everything from skyscrapers to tiny smart homes. But, this may be only the beginning. From 3D printing to drones, find out how new technology may influence the way you do your job.

7 Game-changing Construction Technology Innovations

construction technology

1)      LEED Certification

LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a very popular international green building certification. The U.S. Green Building Council established a set of rating systems for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of green buildings, homes and neighborhoods. LEED helps building construction be more environmentally responsible. These guidelines have changed the way in which builders work by placing a new focus on reducing environmental impact.

2)      3D Printing

Soon enough, construction laborers will come to realize that 3D printing is more than a cute invention. So far, these innovative printers have created concrete houses in China, building design in California and an office in Dubai. Next up? 3D printing of soil for the construction of underprivileged housing in Third World nations.

3)      CO2-capturing Concrete

Even good old concrete is being revolutionized today. This innovative construction technology turns one of the most harmful greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, into a sustainable resource. CO2NCRETE is created using a3D printer supplied with carbon captured from smokestack flue gas. Potentially, buildings, roads and bridges could be created from upcycling a major pollutant.

construction technology

4)      Self-healing Bioconcrete

Scientists have invented bioconcrete that can heal itself with the help of a bacteria typically found near active volcanoes. This bacteria and calcium lactate are mixed with concrete and water to create the compound. The bacteria eat the calcium lactate, producing limestone that patches small cracks in the cement. As a result, completed construction projects may eventually last longer and need less repair.

5)      Drones

Drones may be the next cool new toy, but they also may become a very useful tool on construction sites. Potentially, they could be used to check on job progress, security and more. Drone footage is already being used to analyze finished jobs and show progress to clients. As drones become more affordable to everyone, more general contractors could incorporate them into their day-to-day operations.

6)      Wearable Technology

From the Apple Watch to the Fitbit, wearable technology has become more dependable and more popular in recent years. The Smart Helmet is a new product that is equipped with a transparent visor, special lenses and 4D augmented reality. This new piece of construction technology will give you instructions on completing tasks and warnings of potential hazards to avoid.

7)      Flex Tape

How many times have you lost time because your tape got wet and broke or somehow otherwise fell apart? Flex Tape aims to answer these problems. This super strong, rubberized, waterproof tape can patch, bond, seal and repair practically anything. Flex Tape has a thick, flexible, rubberized backing that can be used on many different types of surfaces. Surprisingly, it is even advertised to fix cracks underwater.

These are just seven of the top innovations poised to shape the future of construction. Which new construction technology breakthroughs are you most excited about?

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