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Theft and loss on a job site can be costly. Even if you have all the right insurance, poor construction security could cost you in out-of-pocket deductibles, production delays and other headaches. However, losses like these are avoidable if you follow a few simple security tips.

How to Improve Construction Security in 6 Steps

1)      Write a Security Policy

First, you should develop a written plan for how you would like to address security issues. This document should detail all supervisory security responsibilities. You will also benefit from outlining the ways in which you will encourage security awareness within your contracting business. In addition, you should outline your company’s policies for incident reporting.

2)      Contact the Local Police

Before starting a job, contact the local police and fire departments in the area to help coordinate any necessary security initiatives. Let the authorities know about any valuable property you may have on site or any potential security issues you may anticipate. Educate employees about how to contact the authorities in case they ever need their assistance when you are not around.

construction security

3)      Build a Security Fence

If there isn’t a fence already in place, it is a good idea to erect walls to protect your jobsite from would-be thieves and vandals. Tall chain-link fencing is popular for construction security. On the fence, you could place warning signs to deter unauthorized personnel from entering the site.

4)      Install Nighttime Lighting

Nighttime lighting is another great way to increase construction site security. By illuminating the area throughout the night, you will discourage intruders and enable your security cameras to catch those who are not deterred by bright lights.

construction security

5)      Lock up Everything of Value

From forklifts to jackhammers, construction sites have many items of great value. If you regularly lock up these items at night, your contracting company will save time, money and aggravation that could result from equipment loss.

In addition, you should fasten all trailers and sheds with a quality lock. If necessary, you could also establish an inventory control system for all equipment, tool and materials. Many companies maintain a log of everything left on the site at night, including heavy machinery.

6)      Hire Security Guards

If you are located in a high-traffic area or you have valuable equipment or materials, you could hire security guards to patrol the premises. Just like your regular employees, they will need to be properly educated about your job site before they start.

The best construction security always starts with a comprehensive plan. Then, you can assign specific responsibilities to your team members to help better protect your job site.

construction security