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A deli sandwich and a cup of coffee is one way to get through the day, but there are other healthier options available for construction laborers. If you learn to prepare and pack lunch, you could eat a more balanced meal that will fuel your body and your mind.

The Power of a Good Lunch

construction laborers

Lunch is an important meal for all contractors, because it re-energizes the body and raises blood sugar levels.

A healthy lunch has many big benefits, including these three:

  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced mood
  • Regulated weight

5 Healthy Lunch Recipes all Construction Laborers Must Try

construction laborers

Eating healthier can be a big change for construction laborers, but the meals themselves are not difficult to make. These five lunch ideas are a smart substitute to a greasy slice of pizza.

1)      Avocado, Tomato and Chicken Sandwich

This is a simple sandwich to make that is both tasty and healthy. Start with cooked, skinless chicken breasts or even deli meat. Next, spread mashed avocado across the chicken to add flavor. Then, top the sandwich off with a slice of tomato.

Read the recipe here.

2)      Turkey, Corn and Sun-Dried Tomato Wraps

Turkey is a good alternative if you are looking to vary a diet full of red meat. This must-try turkey, corn and sun-dried tomato wrap, includes cheese and bell peppers.

Read the recipe here.

3)      Burrito Bowls

If you like a good burrito for lunch, you will definitely enjoy this recipe, which has all the essential burrito ingredients in one healthy bowl.

Read the recipe here.

4)      Sante Fe Chicken Salad

Eating a lighter, less greasy meal can help you avoid after-lunch stomach cramps. This southwestern salad recipe promises to please your taste buds with a combination of chicken, cheese and avocado.

Read the recipe here.

5)      Mediterranean Wrap

If you are looking to eat healthier, wraps are a great alternative to bread. The Mediterranean wrap is a lunch staple that can easily be made at home. It includes chicken, couscous, lemon and herbs.

Read the recipe here.

Even though it takes more preparation, construction laborers who eat healthy lunches like these have the energy and stamina to work harder, longer.

construction laborers