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So far this year, the construction industry has added an average of 20,000 jobs each month. This trend is cause for celebration, but the downside for employers is that experienced workers have become a scarcer commodity. In today’s more competitive hiring environment, your company must consider what steps it is currently taking to retain top talent in construction jobs.

How to Stop Employees from Leaving Construction Jobs

Since training new employees costs you time and money, building a strategy to retain workers is a smart investment in your company’s future. These are three basics steps you can take now to give your workers an incentive to stay in their construction jobs.

construction jobs

1)      Offer Competitive Compensation

Construction employees who are fairly compensated have less of an incentive to begin job searching in the first place. In addition, offering a comprehensive benefits package, which includes health insurance, life insurance and a retirement savings plan, will allow your construction company to remain competitive.

In addition to regular compensation, you can increase job satisfaction with rewards and small perks, such as free lunches for finishing big projects.

2)      Create a Supportive Job Culture

Job culture is another important factor in a worker’s satisfaction level. A supportive work environment helps to prevent attrition and increase productivity.

Top employers do these five things well:

  • Set clear employee expectations
  • Build open communication channels
  • Provide feedback
  • Coach employees rather than micromanage them
  • Practice transparency in decision-making

Although building an inviting work environment is serious business, don’t forget to also pencil in relaxation time and fun staff activities.

construction jobs

3)      Promote from Within

If one of your employees does leave, the best strategy for a replacement is to promote from within. The hiring process can be time-consuming, expensive and possibly even inefficient.

These are three other reasons to favor internal promotions in construction jobs:

  • Motivates the worker who is promoted
  • Inspires the rest of the staff
  • Protects company culture

As hiring picks up across the country, your company can take steps to protect its future by dedicating the resources to retaining valuable employees.

construction jobs