construction industry trends
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Now that 2017 is history, it’s time to look forward to what the New Year has in store for the industry. This year’s construction industry trends range from rising production costs to a renewed focus on storm-resistant building.

5 of this Year’s Top Construction Industry Trends

construction industry trends

1)      Increased Production Costs

Throughout the last year, construction companies were forced to deal with a steady increase in the cost of completing a job. This is the result of the rising costs of supplies and skilled labor. These prices are expected to remain high throughout the New Year. In order to remain competitive, construction companies must find other ways to cut costs.

2)      Weather-Resistant Building

Recent storms, like Hurricane Jose, has everyone rethinking the need for resilient building. These types of structures that can withstand any type of wind, rain or snow are likely to be in high demand in 2018. If you work in new construction, this kind of building could be a significant growth opportunity in the New Year.

3)      Pre-Fab and Off-Site Construction

Pre-fab and off-site building methods are becoming more common, because they reduce construction time, waste and unnecessary expenditures. From pop-ups to permanent modular buildings, these structures will prove to be much more than a gimmick in 2018.

4)      Improved Safety Precautions

Accidents are always a concern in the construction industry. Statistics show that construction leads all industries in workplace accidents. In 2018, new technologies, like safety mobile apps, will likely play a bigger role in protecting construction workers.

5)      Sustainable Construction

For good reason, green building practices are often on many lists of construction industry trends. Currently, sustainable construction accounts for up to 33 percent of the residential market, according to a report by Dodge Data & Analytics. This figure is only expected to grow, because of the energy saving benefits provided by green construction.

From New York to California, these five construction industry trends are the ones to watch in 2018. Whatever your construction specialty may be, these developments will likely have an impact on your future projects.

construction industry trends