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Introducing Smart Bricks

When was the last time there was a major revolution in the way we build? I can tell you it hasn’t been in living memory. Sure, there have been a couple of building fads (shipping container homes, hobbit holes, you name it) but those have failed to capture the imaginations of the general public as their designs are a blatant rejection of tradition. For a company to truly lead a building revolution they would have to invent something groundbreaking, yet familiar while also being more cost efficient and effective than traditional building materials (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it). But, for the first time in nearly 150 years we could be seeing a change in the way we build as Kite Bricks has just recently introduced the Smart Brick.

What is a Smart Brick?

Imagine really big Lego’s. But not Duplo’s. The Smart Brick is a high-strength concrete block that should allow for cheaper and stronger buildings that can be erected in half the time (at least according to Kite Bricks). We don’t doubt that the supplies will be cheaper and stronger (but assembling Lego’s takes a LOT of time, try building this out of Lego’s). When built correctly, those little bricks are pretty much indestructible. Pair that with the fact that with the fact that you can build pretty much anything that comes to mind (check these out if you don’t believe me).

Why it will Fail

Like the multitude of trendy building products before it Smart Bricks will get swallowed up by a lack of consumer demand. If the product can’t impress the general public to the point where they feel comfortable with the new building technology then we will likely see Smart Bricks turn into a luxury item rather than a building necessity. The developers also have to prove that their product is easier to use, more cost effective and energy efficient than traditional building materials.

Why it will Succeed

Because nothing excites people quite like Lego’s. They’re a reminder of afternoons during your childhood spent outside frantically putting those little bricks together so you could have a castle or a Star Fighter to play with. Imagine having the creative license to build any structure that you can dream up, to rebuild homes quickly after natural disasters so that families don’t have to live away from home for long and having building materials that are less likely to produce debris that could be potentially hazardous to contractors and builders. As of right now, Kite Brick only has a prototype but, with what we’ve seen thus far, we would expect a full-fledged product in the very near future.