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If you enjoy driving on the open road, seeing new places and enjoy the relative comfort of being alone in your vehicle then you may want to consider becoming a commercial truck driver. Little boys playing with their Tonka trucks dream of one day being able to drive a Mack truck. And, if you decide to go down that path then you are essentially living that dream (plus you get to drive Optimus Prime, which is a pretty badass occupation). My family has been driving trucks for generations now, and while it’s not all glamorous, I can tell you that there are aspects of that job that you won’t find anywhere else. So, if you’re planning on becoming a commercial truck driver you might want to check out these commercial drivers license requirements (cause there’s no better route than the direct route).

Commercial Drivers License Requirements

Commercial motor vehicles (CMV’s) are a little bit more complicated than your Dad’s Tundra or F150 and therefore require additional instruction and training. To obtain a Commercial Driver’s license you will need to pass a series of written and skills test that are designed to show that you can handle the equipment. Why all the tests? Because as difficult as a CMV can be to operate the tests are an attempt by the states to weed out unqualified drivers who could pose a risk to themselves and others if they were allowed on the open road. So, CDL’s aren’t for everybody, but having a license will give you the ability operate a whole different class of vehicles.

When do you need a CDL?

You’ll need a CDL for a few different reasons. Either because you want to drive a massive truck and work for a big shipping company or, you have a truck that meets the following criteria established by the DOT.

  • A truck with double or triple trailers
  • Trucks with tanks
  • A truck carrying hazardous materials

The last requirement of your commercial drivers license requirements is to actually apply for your license (which is a 4 step process). We have provided you with a short version below. For the full version please feel free to check out this link.

1.       Get a Copy of Your State’s CDL Manual

2.       Decide What Type of Vehicle You Want to Drive

3.       Get Your Commercial Learners Permit (CLP)

4.       Get Your CDL

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