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The Work Related Injury you May Not be Aware of

Certain industries have a greater exposure to various risks and perils depending on the nature of the job. For example, construction workers specifically face many hazards due to intensive manual labor and operating heavy equipment and machinery. Aside from these obvious dangers that come to mind, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are an unexpected and common work related injury. Below you will find MSDs fleshed out, explained, and remedied. Read more

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Sleeping and Driving Don’t Mix: Dangers of Drowsy Driving

Although most contractors consider the workday over once they put their tools away and hop back in the truck, the workday doesn’t really conclude until you and your coworkers are all home safely. Because long and difficult hours are common for most commercial truck drivers, you have probably had to drive when you are drowsy – many drivers even treat it as a normal part of doing business.

However, this type of dangerous thinking can have tragic consequences, as few people understand the level of danger associated with drowsy driving. Read more

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Dangers of Extreme Tiredness and How to Prevent It

Construction workers are accustomed to hitting the job site early and sometimes staying late. Often, your working environment is noisy, dusty and blazing hot or freezing cold. You lift, bend, climb and assume perilous postures to do your job. By the end of your shift, you’re exhausted. Often, you reach the point of extreme tiredness before your shift is over. That can be dangerous, because staying safe on the job requires mental and physical alertness. Read more

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5 Must Have Construction Risk Management Tips

Every construction business owner and project manager is aware that the industry carries an immense amount of risk. OSHA reports that during the past year, over 20 percent of worker deaths in private industries occurred at construction organizations. In addition to protecting employee safety and well-being, construction project managers must be empowered to protect their organizations from a variety of risk factors.

Preparation, education and a proactive attitude can be key to protecting your organization, team and project portfolio from falling prey to risks. Join us as we review five must-have construction risk management tips to help you protect your company. Read more