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Why HVAC Preventative Maintenance is Vital

Your HVAC system is one of the most expensive systems in your home. Major problems can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs while leaving your home either too hot or cold until fixed.

In many cases, you could prevent these big issues from happening with HVAC preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance also helps keep your units operating efficiently, improves longevity and reduces repair frequency. Use these checklists to keep your indoor and outdoor HVAC units in prime working condition and stop problems before they eat into your savings. Read more

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Sustainable Building Design: Ideas and Innovations

Sustainable building design, construction’s newest trend, represents a new attitude in architecture, with an emphasis on materials and designs that are environmentally friendly, and with natural features that inspire the occupants of the building. Unlike many previous types of construction, sustainable buildings are geared toward energy and water conservation and are designed to minimize the need for repairs. Read more

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How Contractors Can Give Back This Holiday Season

The 2015 holiday season is upon us, and because many of us are already wrapped in our own concerns we may not notice the chances we have to help others who are far less fortunate. Contractors are in a particularly-great position to help families in need around the holiday season. They can take the time to donate their skill set, or they can leverage their business’ resources to help give back to their community.

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