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Comprehensive Insurance: What Every Contractor Needs to Know

Whether it’s lost property or a fallen worker, contractors know all too well that accidents are unfortunately part of the job. But, that doesn’t mean that a slip and fall has to bankrupt your business. You can easily minimize the financial impact of accidents with comprehensive insurance coverage. Read more

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3 Things to Know about Contractual Liability Insurance

You deal with many risk factors in the construction industry, especially as a business owner. From subcontractors failing to perform quality work to people getting injured. Your standard commercial insurance policy handles many common occurrences, but one area it typically doesn’t cover is contractual liability insurance. Read more

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Do Your Workers Know How to Perform CPR?

CPR is a frequently overlooked life-saving skill within the construction industry. While occupations with an explicit duty of care like lifeguards and nannies have an expectation of knowing how to perform CPR and First Aid training. In reality, everyone can benefit equally from such training since it can be used to quickly assess and treat injuries that could easily become fatal without immediate attention. Read more

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What to Know Before Signing an Independent Contractor Agreement

Being an independent contractor can be a lucrative, enjoyable mode of work. You can take on as many projects at once as you want and complete them completely in a manner of your choosing, so long as the end results are satisfactory.

While traits like these can make independent contracting flexible and convenient, there are plenty of peripheral issues and insurance policies to be aware of before venturing into a relationship with a contracting party. Overlooking these issues could create a number of financial, legal and work-related headaches for you in the not-too-far off future. Read more

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AGC Highway Safety Efforts Focus on Protecting Contractors

AGC Focuses on Highway Work Zone Safety

The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) is an important organization that protects the safety of contractors across the nation. Currently, it is heavily focused on worker safety in highway work zones. Highway construction is one of the most dangerous aspects of the construction and general contracting industry, and the AGC highway safety efforts are there to act as something of a knight in shining armor for contractors in danger.


AGC Highway Safety

A New Study

The AGC has recently completed a new highway work zone safety study, and the results are staggering. A full 45 percent of all highway contractors have been placed in direct danger when a vehicle crashed into their work zones. These numbers are astounding and represent thousands upon thousands of workers in serious danger every year. While drivers have a higher fatality rate than workers, any fatalities from accidents are unacceptable.

Trust Fund Shortfall

The problem is even worse: in 2014, the highway trust fund, which is imperative for funding new projects, had a serious shortfall that threatened to cut transit funding by over $50 billion and cost nearly 2 million jobs across the industry. Not only does this mean fewer sorely needed highway construction projects, it means that those projects that are undertaken could face severe understaffing. When fewer people are working on a job, there are greater chances for oversights, errors, omissions and accidents that result from exhaustion or mistakes.

Hardhats for Highways

The AGC has created a new program to help address these budget shortfalls. The program, called Hardhats for Highways, seeks to encourage people to contact elected officials and impress upon them the importance of funding highway transit construction projects. It is vital that Congress understands that people rely upon federal investments to transportation.

Those who would like to help make a difference should place decals obtained from the project on company hardhats, call representatives to sit down and discuss the issues, engage them and urge employees to write letters and send emails. Spread the word as much as possible. Take photos and send them to the Hardhats for Highways website and inform others by including information in company newsletters, staff meetings and training sessions.

Increase Safety

When it comes to your own job sites, increase safety by increasing training and certifications. The AGC and ATSSA provide training and certification for construction workers and flaggers. This training can make the difference between safe work zones and fatal accidents that can not only cost you in dollars, but in tragic loss of human life.

AGC Highway Safety

It cannot be stressed enough: there is no way to take highway safety in work zones too seriously. Of course, it is also vital to carry the right insurance, including workers compensation, liability and other job-specific coverage, to reduce your own liability and cost issues when the unthinkable does occur.

Construction work is exceptionally hazardous. AGC highway safety activities are making headway in reducing fatalities, but if you need more information, take a look at some more information about their activities, then get in touch with us today for answers to all of your insurance and liability questions.

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