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Common Construction Lawsuits and How to Avoid Them

Construction lawsuits, unfortunately, seem to be a truth of the industry. They cover a laundry list of topics, from basic contractual disputes to employment disagreements, to accident and injury claims. While these things happen on a regular basis, there’s no reason they have to be a foregone conclusion for you.  Read more

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How to Prevent Fraud in the Construction Industry

Fraud in the construction industry does damage in the hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Any given incident of fraud can cost the industry between $100,000 and $300,000, a whopping figure which drives up costs, increases liability issues and even puts legitimate companies out of business. It’s vital for every contractor to know how to prevent fraud in the construction industry. Here are some tricks, tips and information to help you learn to spot and prevent these problems. Read more

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What to Know Before Signing an Independent Contractor Agreement

Being an independent contractor can be a lucrative, enjoyable mode of work. You can take on as many projects at once as you want and complete them completely in a manner of your choosing, so long as the end results are satisfactory.

While traits like these can make independent contracting flexible and convenient, there are plenty of peripheral issues and insurance policies to be aware of before venturing into a relationship with a contracting party. Overlooking these issues could create a number of financial, legal and work-related headaches for you in the not-too-far off future. Read more