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I used to take the bus from Buffalo to Boston quite a bit. It is a pretty long ride (11.5 to 12 hours) but there were always very interesting people with very interesting stories that made the ride a little bit more enjoyable. My most interesting conversation lasted almost the full 12 hours and involved a girl, in her mid-20’s, who was traveling to Maine to go back to carpentry school. She was a little quirky; had mismatched glasses, multi-colored hair and a demeanor that may have driven others away.

She told me about how excited she was to go back to Maine although she was a little homesick. Apparently carpentry was a bit of a family business. Everyone in the family made things. Which I thought was pretty cool in a world where it is becoming increasingly rare for people to produce things by hand. Her story was not all butterflies and rainbows though. I asked her if she or her family members had ever run into trouble working as carpenters. There had been a few close calls but luckily nothing too severe. Although she did tell me that a few of her classmates had injured themselves on some of the equipment (one had lost an appendage, not to go into too much detail).

But, close calls and injury are fairly common for carpenters. It is a high risk, high reward industry. One that requires workers to be on full alert at all times in order to mitigate any potential damage or injuries (which can be more than a little stressful). To reduce that stress and protect yourself from injuries and any associated liability you may want to consider acquiring a few different insurance policies in order to insure adequate coverage.

Listed below are the three policies you may want to acquire as a carpenter.

1. General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance will protect you from any lawsuits, injuries or damages that may be inflicted (or not inflicted) by your business. It will pay for any associated legal fees or damages that you are presented with.

2. Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation insurance is required in most states by law. So you definitely want to make sure you have this in your insurance arsenal. It will cover any medical costs and a portion of lost wages for workers who have been injured as a result of their work related activities.

3. Commercial Auto and Truck Insurance

If you drive a van or truck around for your business then you may want to purchase commercial auto and truck insurance. This policy will protect your car from damage that you either inflict or that is inflicted upon you (including any damaged business equipment). Personal auto insurance will not cover this so you will definitely want this policy on your side.

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