Why We Care About a Personalized General Contractor Insurance Policy
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A few weeks ago I was scanning through Insurance Journal, one of the most prestigious independent insurance publications, and found an article that was discussing a disturbing industry trend (at least for some commercial insurers). A recent report by the J.D. Power 2014 U.S. Small Business Commercial Insurance Study found that some commercial insurers have strayed from writing predominantly personal lines of insurance and are now leaning to a more de-personalized approach.

Such an approach can not only make a client feel underappreciated but dehumanized as it looks as though the insurance company views them more as a source of revenue instead of a person with legitimate insurance concerns. We here are at Contractors Insurance are grounded by our small business roots and are fueled by the amazing stories of some of the contractors we insure. And for that reason we are dedicated to looking at you not only as a client but as someone who is unique, and who we legitimately care about.

Our name is behind you and, if you ever found yourself in a place where you needed to make a claim, we would do our very best to make sure your needs were met. That is what you would expect in any relationship. We should also make it clear that the entire industry has not adopted this robotic approach to small business insurance but that current trends have some businesses pointed in that direction.

Those insurance companies that will succeed, according to the Small Business Commercial Insurance Study are those who write predominantly personal lines of insurance. Those companies had an overall satisfaction score of 804 (out of 1,000) while those insurance companies who wrote less personal lines of insurance had a rating of 783. We have learned over the past 25 years that people enjoy being treated like people which is part of the reason why we have successfully established ourselves in places as far apart as New Jersey, Florida and California.

No matter what, we at Contractors believe you come first. Our team will work with you to create a policy that fits your needs (because every person and business is unique) and also fits within your budget. If you have any further questions or would like to meet with one of our representatives please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-649-9094. We look forward to hearing from you and best of luck in your endeavors!