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Safe Lifting Techniques to Protect your Back from Injury

Your back is a sensitive part of your body that can easily be easily injured if you do not practice safe lifting techniques. You can sustain sprains, strains and herniated disks, which may put you out of work and on workers’ comp.

If you regularly move heavy objects at the job site, learn several techniques you can use to protect your back from injury. Read more

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The 5 Best Building Demolition Videos ever Recorded

Even though we build things for a living, we find it hard not to watch (and re-watch) videos of building implosions. Whether it’s a massive coliseum or a slender skyscraper, we find a certain beauty in watching a sturdy structure fall to the ground in seconds flat. From Atlanta to Seattle, this roundup of American building demolition videos will entertain your entire construction crew. Read more

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How Renewable Energy Benefits Home Builders, too

From New York to California, home builders are starting to see that the future of renewable energy is bright and getting brighter every day. But, it is not just homeowners who are reaping the benefits of this technology. Solar power in new construction is also beneficial to the contractors who are building the structures. Read more