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Even though we build things for a living, we find it hard not to watch (and re-watch) videos of building implosions. Whether it’s a massive coliseum or a slender skyscraper, we find a certain beauty in watching a sturdy structure fall to the ground in seconds flat. From Atlanta to Seattle, this roundup of American building demolition videos will entertain your entire construction crew.

Watch 5 Stunning Building Demolition Clips

1)      The Sands in Las Vegas

The Sands, the historic home of the Rat Pack, stood on the Las Vegas strip for more than 40 years before its demolition in 1996. The building included a 17-story, cylindrical tower with 777 rooms, which Howard Hughes added when he owned it. However, the building became outdated in the 1990s when more glamorous casinos rose around The Sands.

See the demolition of the historic casino in this short video:

2)      The Georgia Dome in Atlanta

After 25 years, two Super Bowls and one Olympic Games, Atlanta upgraded from the Georgia Dome to the state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz Stadium. With the help of more than two tons of explosives, the old structure was nothing more than rubble in 15 seconds.

On this spot in Downtown Atlanta, the Georgia Dome will be replaced by a hotel, parking and green space.

3)      The Landmark in Fort Worth, Texas

It almost seems like a bad idea. The Landmark Tower, which was located in downtown Fort Worth, was set to be demolished in the midst of a slew of other standing structures. But, with precise placements of explosives, the building came down without a hitch.

Watch the impossible implosion of The Landmark Tower in 2006:

4)      The New Frontier in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, even the building demolitions are extravagant. In 2007, the city bid adieu to the New Frontier with both dynamite and fireworks.

Watch the venue where Elvis Presley made his Las Vegas debut fall to the ground:

5)      The Seattle Kingdome

Seattle’s Kingdome, which was built in 1976, was home to the Seahawks and Mariners until it closed in 2000. At the time it was knocked down, the Kingdome was the largest building ever demolished by implosion.

Watch the Seattle Kingdome fall in just 16.8 seconds:

These five classic building demolition videos are just a few notable examples. Do you have any interesting examples of buildings being demolished that we failed to include?

building demolition