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Roofing is one of the more methodical jobs in the contracting world, but it is also one of the most dangerous. A study of fatal construction falls from 1992 to 2009 found that a third of all the incidents happened while atop a roof. Time magazine even revealed that roofing is the fourth most dangerous job in the country, with 40.5 deaths per 100,000 workers.

Aside from occupational hazards, roofing is a job with little room for error. Every procedure must be done consistently so that the home or building will be properly protected from the elements. Even a single misplaced screw can cause a leak that leads to water intrusion and full-blown structural damage.

For reasons like these, having insurance while operating on the job is a necessity.

Professional Liability

Professional liability coverage saves roofing contractors the expense of having to handle potentially expensive consequences of their work. Since a roof is an integral component of a building’s defense against nature, the risk for costly damage is high.

A professional liability policy can protect against damages caused by negligence, errors and omissions and even contract work done by other firms that could have complicated the roofer’s own work in a way that led to property damage.

On top of that, the risky nature of the work can lead to bodily injury of outside parties. For instance, a hammer could fall off a roof and break someone’s foot. General liability pays for any bodily injuries including compensation and other types of damage.

Asset Protection

Roofing tools, materials and equipment are costly. In the event of something like a storm, you want to know that your crew will be able to get back to work even after your entire warehouse was flattened.

Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s comp is a requirement of nearly any employer in the U.S., but there are few occupations where quality medical coverage is as important as it is to the roofing industry. As mentioned before, roofing can easily lead to serious injury or death, even among experienced workers.

Anyone injured on the job deserves to be compensated for their medical costs in addition to partial lost wages and any other hardships they have suffered. Good, reliable roofers are hard to come by, so they should be taken care of and protected against major risk.

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An added benefit of worker’s comp is that it can help prevent an employee from suing the client or homeowner in the event that they are injured and want to claim negligence of the property owner.


Most commercial and professional developers will not even consider hiring a roofing crew that has less than $1,000,000 in liability coverage. Even if a private client is hiring you out, the building owner or even the local government may step in and demand minimum liability coverage requirements.

With an adequate roofers insurance policy, you can increase the respectability of your operation and give both you and your clients peace of mind. Visit our roofing insurance coverage section to learn more.